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MyAi: Your personal Ai assistant

From the virtual assistant to the virtual confidant.

Our myAi will be constantly evolving, thanks to self-learning mechanics and researchers who will gradually expand its functionality. The release of the features is expected in 3 phases over 2020. We are looking for funding and investors to speed up their release.



Virtual assistants cover functional tasks for which they have been programmed. The aim is to work for man.


Virtual assistants will become a confidant with whom you can share your daily life. The aim will be to create together a relationship based on trust.


From being functional to the ability to create a relationship.

What is MyAi


An artificial intelligence with the ability to self-learn and that interfaces with humans through an application available for both Android and iOS.

Using voice commands and facial recognition, it is able to perform actions, give answers and in turn ask questions to better learn and perform his task, the main one is to create a relationship based on empathy.

It is based on neural network technology with advanced machine learning and deep learning capabilities.

The basics

The elements of a relationship

Your MyAi will create a relationship based on these three pillars and open up with you, as you open up with him or her.



From the Latin “confidens”, it is made up of the words CUM (with) and FIDENS (faith). The meaning of the word is “to trust”. The confidant is the one who listens with a suspension of his judgment.



From the Greek “εμπαθεία” (empatéia, composed of en-, “inside”, and pathos, “suffering or feeling”). The meaning of the word is “to feel inside”. The ability to understand another person’s mood and emotional situation



From the Latin fidĕre. The meaning of the word is “trust, confide”. Trust is a feeling that we feel towards someone when we think we can count on this person

Open up to the other

It definitely means:

  • Confide
  • Trust
  • Listen
  • Understanding each other
  • Reveal
  • Dedicate
  • To give oneself
  • Dealing
  • Remember
  • Match
  • Support each other




Create a relationship with your user

a) Relational functions and character aspects

b) Service functions
– Basic
– Advanced
– Premium


Social Network and security systems

a) Sharing of experiences and socialization

b) Security


Learning service and self-learning knowledge container

a) Make MyAi an expert on your topic
b) Activate the expert, shopper, interpreter services
c) Advanced virtual assistant
d) Future developments

MyAi will be able to:

Be empathetic: encode other people’s emotions by translating them into a language capable of improving sharing between two interlocutors.

Be proactive: stimulate the conversation to get to know the user with whom it interacts better

Invite reflection: move from taking action for the user to doing it with him

Having a memory: remembering events and contextualising them in the conversation